Women's Ladder
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The women’s ladder is encouraging women of all levels to participate.  Interested players can register at the Charlotte Courts or via email to the Coordinator as a player or sub.  Ladder members are encouraged to contact each other for additional games.


Times and Location

Thursdays, you will be assigned a one hour time slot starting at 3:30, 4:30 or 5:30
Charlotte Courts 1, 2 or 3


Set Up

bulletThe ladder runs for 3 weeks
bulletA set consists of 11 points or total score after 1 hour, whichever comes first.
bulletThe one hour includes warm up time.
bulletThe number of games won during the 1 hour period is your score.
bulletWinners must record the scores each week on the posted schedule at Charlotte.
bulletPoints are accumulated per player over the 3 week session.


bulletPlayers are drawn up in groups of four, according to approximate skill levels.
bulletEach foursome rotates and will play once with each player over the three weeks.
bulletOne player each week brings a new set of balls for play.
bulletAfter three weeks, the lowest scoring player will move down a group (except in the bottom group) and the highest scoring player will move up a group (except in the top section).
bulletAdjustments to the ladder will be made to add newly registered players and delete players that have elected not to play for the next session, while maintaining four person groups of generally equal skill levels.
bulletA new ladder is started after 3 weeks.

General Rules

bulletAll players must be playing members of the Tennis Club.
bulletThere will be no point penalty for using a sub.
bulletIf a player fails to show up the other three players get 7 points each.
bulletOnce registered it is assumed that you will play the next session unless you notify the Coordinator that you will NOT be playing the next session.
bulletIf a participant has a scheduling conflict and willing opponents or if the match is rained out, it may be played at another time.  Note: all three matches must be played by the Sunday following the end of the session to enable scheduling of upcoming matches.



Naznin Meghji       249-4307       meghjinaznin@gmail.com         

If interested, please contact Naz