Men's Doubles Champ
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Men's Doubles Championship Ladder
  Crt. March 18
3:00 4 (A) Richard C / Frank P
(A) Mike R / Brian M
4:00 4 (B) Murray K / Jim P
(B) Jeff P / Greg F



1. All players must be playing members of the Tennis Club.
2. There will be no points penalty for using a spare. Try to find a spare of similar skill level.
3. Players should decide themselves on balls to be used. BE PREPARED
4. If a player cannot make a game they are responsible to find a sub of similar skill level.
5. Should a team want to re-schedule a game..they must make arrangements with the other team or forfeit.
6. Teams are responsible for posting their WIN or LOSS on the schedule at the CAN AM billboard.
7. Play one hour maximum including warm-up.. Play will also end when one team wins 11 games.
8. Teams will be divided into A + B levels depending on WINS and LOSSES mid-way through the season.